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"Feba" - En Yay Sah [Luaka Bop, 2012]

Album available on Luaka BopiTunes, and Amazon.  Free download of the single, "Feba", available here.

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"Feba" is the single off Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang's debut album, En Yay Sah, released on Luaka Bop (record label founded by David Byrne).  On this album, Nabay creates a hybrid of traditional Sierra Leone music and 70's psych.  With the urgency and alchemy of Miles Davis' electric period, it is unlike anything being played elsewhere in the world right now.  

The album received wide acclaim -- Noisey called Janka "a fucking phenomenon, bordering on genius"; NPR hailed him as "the king of bubu music"; and Pitchfork deemed the album a "powerfully modern, cosmopolitan introduction to [bubu music's] complex and vibrant rhythms." 

"Somebody" (Snasen Remix) [2013] 

Available as a free download via XLR8R, courtesy of Luaka Bop

"SABANOH" [1994]

Original version of "Sabanoh", recorded in Freetown, Sierra Leone.